'Watch Dogs' Cancelled on Wii U Rumours Back Up, DLC Finished by May?

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Recently, rumours of "Watch Dogs'" pre-orders no longer being accepted for the Wii U have been quashed after GameStop Italy's hints put some fans on alert mode.

But even after reassurances have been given that it was merely a glitch in the system, another rumour is starting up with the "Watch Dogs" version on Wii U.

In a report from Videogamer, the speculations have pointed to the newly released list of Nintendo's upcoming 2014 games. What has sparked the rumour is that the list does not include "Watch Dogs."

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This official list came out to enumerate the first- and third-party games that will debut on the Wii U, though there was a disclaimer that the games that were included in the list were all based on information released in Jan 30.

When the source got in touch with Ubisoft, there was no word on the confirmation of the rumour. This could mean two things. First, "Watch Dogs" really will not make it onto the Wii U platform, which can be a bit of a mess considering that pre-orders have already been accepted for the game. Second, the release date of "Watch Dogs" has not yet been announced officially, with a lot of fans trying to guess exactly when it will make an appearance in the promised platforms. Maybe Ubisoft is just trying to avoid announcing a placeholder date for "Watch Dogs" on the Wii U, which can cause a lot of rumours for fans.

What do you think of this new possibility?

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'Watch Dog' May Release Date Referring to DLC?

"Watch Dogs" fans over Reddit have started to discuss a comment left by Aiden Pearce's voice actor Noam Jenkins on his Twitter account.

"Hey! About Watch Dogs: Are you actually finished by recording Aiden's voice? When did you finish, or when do you think?," asked a fan, @MadsDroger.

"I've been told May or June," replied Jenkin.

Given the lack of a definitive release date of "Watch Dogs" outside the "spring 2014" announcement made last 2013 when the title was announced for delay, fans are hoping that the finished recording is for the DLC and not the game.

"This means DLC. The voice actor probably doesn't know what parts of the game he is recording for, but it's for the DLC, they've already said that they're working on it," said Redditor mistamosh.

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However, others are suspecting that this can also be the actual date of release for the "Watch Dogs" game.

"Going by statements from Ubisoft, Spring 2014 is March > May & Q1 Fiscal 2014/2015 is April > June. I believe the release date can at least be narrowed down to the months that occur in both the statements for a release. April or May," posted Redditor obs_snakelet.

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