'Watch Dogs' Breaks 4 Million Sales Record in One Week; Upcoming Games for 'E3 2014' from Ubisoft Listed

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On Tuesday, the company Ubisoft announced that the popular video game 'Watch Dogs' has sold over 4 million copies, within the first week of its release. This sales record makes Watch Dogs the fastest selling game Ubisoft has ever produced. In addition, Watch Dogs also took over the title of the fastest selling 'new IP at launch' in the history of video gaming industry.

For those unfamiliar with the term 'IP,' this term refers to 'Intellectual Property.' The Game franchises and even the individual games are cited as IPs in the gaming world.

Tony Key, Ubisoft's senior VP said that the strong sales figures and the incredible feedback from the gamers around the world make Watch Dogs a must-have game. He also added that the company is very happy with the feat and that he sees a great future for this gaming series.

BGR was quick to point out that, Watch Dogs might not be able to beat the feat achieved by Grand Theft Auto V. Nevertheless, Watch Dogs has broken quite a lot of records already to prove the potential of the company.

As Epoch Times puts it, Watch Dogs was dubbed by various reviewers as a game for the Edward Snowden era, 'Grand Theft Auto' meets 'Hackers' game, and revolutionary, among others. Ubisoft's Watch Dogs is priced at US$59.99 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PCs.

Watch Dogs received positive reviews from across the globe. Online review aggregator 'Game Rankings' gave the PlayStation 4 version of Watch Dogs a whopping 83% rating. The Xbox One version, on the other hand, received 78%, while the Microsoft Windows version received a 77% rating.  

The reviewer Metro's Ludwig Kietzmann praised the hacking game stating that the game is refined, reliable and precise. Nevertheless, Chris Carter of Destructoid was not impressed by the game and he went on to say that the game did not live up to the expectations and it is far from being called as revolutionary.

In retrospect, about two years back, the video game Watch Dogs was demoed at the E3 event. The highlight of the game is its ability to allow both single-player and multi-player modes. It is worth noting that, this year's E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) will see Ubisoft launching its upcoming new series of games. This includes Assassin's Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, The Division, The Crew, and Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

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