Watch Dogs 2 Already Planned, Australian Version Not Censored, and New Edition Revealed

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Watch Dogs has yet to release on its promised platforms, but Ubisoft has already been considering new ideas for the next game.

"Yes, we have ideas [for a sequel]," said Lionel Raynaud, VP of creative at Ubisoft, in an interview quoted by Videogamer. "Some ideas that we weren't able to get into the game would not have made a difference, while other, bigger ideas that naturally emerged during development were so different that we felt they would have changed the experience."

So what's the reason why some of the ideas that they already have were not included in the upcoming Watch Dogs? Simple--they wouldn't have worked with the current ideas that were included. Raynaud says that the narrative and characters were already in place using the first batch of ideas, and adding the others would only result in an inconsistent approach to the game.

Australian R18+ rating doesn't mean censorship

Since the change in the Australian classification of Watch Dogs from MA15+ to R18+, some people have wondered whether this will affect the kind of content that will be coming in once the release date hits.

But the good news is that there has been a reassurance of the situation, as spotted by Kotaku in a tweet from Jonathan Morin, creative director for Watch Dogs via Twitter, "So I can confirm that the Australian version is NOT censored. Cheers."

This is good news for those who don't want to play a spliced, cut or censored version of the much-anticipated game.

Watch Dogs to get Premium Vigilante Edition

If you still haven't preordered a copy of Watch Dogs, this may be a great time since GAME is offering a new edition of the title.

CVG has spotted the Premium Vigilante Edition for Watch Dogs, which is offered as a GAME-exclusive package worth £109.99. According to the report, the exclusive edition will be available for both the PS4 and Xbox One versions, and will feature a load of included items,

You can get Aiden's baseball cap, Aiden's ask, a Watch Dogs hoodie jacket, Vigilante collector's box, the game soundtrack, and a 4GB USB. It will also include the Palace pack, where you will be locating details about Aiden from an Internet mogul and prevent the police from getting their hands on it.

There's also an investigation bonus that will feature AT Hack Boosts for higher cash rewards when hacking a bank account. The final release date for Watch Dogs is May 27 for all its platforms except for the Wii U, which has not yet been dated until now.

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