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'Spiderman' star and girlfriend Emma Stone Five Hilarious Kissing Tips
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Emma Stone Talks About Boyfriend Andrew Garfield
Actors Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield pose for photographs at the world premiere of The Amazing Spiderman 2 in central London, April 10, 2014. REUTERS/Olivia Harris REUTERS

The "Amazing Spiderman" star Andrew Garfield and real-life girlfriend Emma Stone shared to viewers their different kissing techniques on "The Saturday Night Live"  when asked to do a "grand final romantic kiss".

1) Cheek-to-cheek french kissing - touch opposite sides of cheek to each other, then wiggle tongue out for the french kiss.

2) Natural kiss- Directly facing each other, open your mouth wide, then touch lips. Forehead and nose should bump each other and no tongue involved.

3) Real Life Kiss like normal people do - laugh out really loud then quickly lick each other's tongue off.

4) Passionate Kiss - taking the word "breathless" literally, chew on each other's lips while sucking on each other's breath.

5) Romantic Kiss - Guy grabs girl and takes her jaw into his mouth.

Andrew Garfield hosted "Saturday Night Live" and Garfield reportedly admitted to be nervous since it was his first time to host SNL. However, girlfriend Emma Stone, who has hosted SNL before, was there to guide him, popping up in front of the camera every now and then.

Viewers learned that the Spiderman actor is not a fan of Beyonce and is forced to run to avoid dancing the "Single Ladies" dance, after speaking poorly of Beyonce, aka the "Queen Bee", when he said that "Drunk In Love" just "doesnt do it" for him.

However, the highlight of the show came when Andrew Garfield slipped into his Spiderman outfit and with Emma Stone, recreated the bridge scene from the "Spiderman 2" movie. The couple stepped up to a bridge with a green background and was told to do a "grand final romantic kiss", in which it has to be really memorable.

The said "grand final romantic kiss" took many tries, five kissing techniques, until lead singer of Coldplay Chris Martin volunteered to show the couple what a romantic kiss should be. Emma Stone approves thinking Martin will be kissing her, however she was taken out of the picture and Chris stepped up to join Andrew Garfield on the bridge. Garfield shakes his head in surprise while Chris puts on a blond wig. Then he dips Garfield and uttered some lines before the kiss.

"Now you listen to me you beautiful Spiderman. With great power comes great responsibility and my responsibility right now is to make sweet sweet love. Now why don't you go ahead and show me that beautiful little tongue. Come to papa."

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