Wasim Akram down on bended knee for Australian Shaniera Thompson


Wasim Akram, much like his cricketing senior and predecessor Imran Khan, has gone ahead and found himself a wife from shores abroad. Imran Khan had married the high-profile British national Jemima Marcel Khan nee Goldsmith, the eldest child of Lady Annabel Vane-Tempest-Stewart and Anglo-French financier Sir James Goldsmith.

They had two sons from the marriage that went amicably south after 9 years of wedded bliss - the reasons cited were Jemima's inability to adjust to a life in Pakistan.

Now Wasim too seems to have found love in a foreign national - Shaniera Thompson, a Melbourne-based PR consultant and publicist. The duo had met in 2011, two years after Wasim's first wife Huma had succumbed to a mysterious fever and multiple organ failure, finally passing away from a cardiac arrest in Chennai, India. Initially it was all about friendship and the balm Wasim needed after losing his partner of 14 years. The friendship blossomed into romance and Wasim is very happy to have found love again.

Her proposed to her traditionally, going down on bended knee in a private lounge to which she responded happily but conditionally. Equally traditionally Wasim had to call upon Shaniera's father to ask for her hand and blessings. Once he got the go ahead, the couple formalized their plans to marry next year.

As is required, Shaniera has already converted to Islam and is apparently become quite adept at cooking Pakistani dishes. She has shifted to Pakistan in an effort to get accustomed to her future husband's homeland. Wasim is confident about getting her well adjusted to life in Pakistan and is sure that Shaniera would make for a great life partner. He revealed that she had bonded well with both his sons and his family. The upcoming nuptials has the blessing of all families, his and Shaniera's and even his former in-laws, his late wife's family has given him their warm wishes.

Now it's for the world to see if Wasim and Shaniera can make a better go of the institution of marriage than Imran and Jemima...

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