Washington Mudslide Update: Donations Continue to Pour in, Poster Says 'Thank You' to Responders

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Note thanking first responders to the mudslide is seen on a poster outside a shop in downtown Arlington
A note thanking first responders to the mudslide is seen on a poster outside a shop in downtown Arlington, Washington March 28, 2014. Rescue officials said the death toll from a catastrophic mudslide in Washington state is soon expected to climb far higher, as some residents voiced anger that they were prevented from helping in the initial disaster response (nine) days ago. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

The devastating mudslide has not halted several individuals and organizations from extending their help to all the victims of the unforeseen erosion of a 600-feet hillside above the north folk of the Stillaguamish River that left dozens of families grieving for their loved-ones in Oso, Washington.

Organizations like Red Cross aim to provide the families that survived the Washington mudslide "a place to stay, food to eat and emotional support" to free them from the catastrophe that had once threatened their lives.

According to the American Red Cross Web site, since the day of the devastation, Red Cross has already "mobilized several response vehicles and nearly 100 trained workers to provide support" for the families that had been victims of the mudslide in the rural town of Oso in Snohomish County in Darrington, Washington.

Also, several Red Cross family centers were reported to be opening in both the communities of Arlington and Darrington to provide everyone "information, meals, emotional support and child care."

Reuters reported the Snoqualmie Tribe announced a total amount of $275,000 donation to help the relief operation for the victims of the Oso mudslide on March 28.

As of press time, the number of missing persons has dropped from 176 to 90, and now to 30. A depressing count of 28 casualties had been tallied, although only 18 were included in the official death toll as officials cited only those examined and identified by the medical examiners will be counted.

Aside from Red Cross, the other organizations that people can contact to help the victims of the Washington mudslide as originally posted on MYNorthwest.com are:

1. United Way - www.usc.org.

2. Salvation Army - www.salvationarmynw.org

3. Cascade Valley Hospital Foundation - www.cascadevalley.org/foundation/

4. The Coastal Community Bank - http://s-caf.org/Oso_Mudslide_Donations.php

5. Animal Rescue Foundation - www.everettarf.org

With the continuous downpour of support from various individuals, organizations, tribes and the ceaseless urge of the rescue teams and officials, despite poor weather conditions, to help find more people in the rubble, a "thank you" poster at a shop in downtown Arlington in the state of Washington can be seen.

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