Warwick University Rowing Club Members Goes Nude in Photo Shoot For Charity Fighting Against Homophobia and Bullying [PHOTOS]


Members of the Warwick University Rowing Club have a busy schedule that comprises of studying, training for competitions and posing nude to a calendar photo shoot for a good cause. A portion of the raised money will go to the Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation that fights against homophobia and bullying.

"We are the senior men's rowing team at Warwick University and for the last four years, we've been getting our kit off for calendars and films to raise funds for our sport and for charity," the British rowing team members stated.

The British rowing team may be very busy in training for their competitions but they managed to squeeze in some time to enjoy doing good deeds for the world. On the fundraising page of the upcoming 2014 calendar, the Warwick rowing team wrote: "We have been humbled by the response from around the world to our campaign last year to raise funds for the Ben Cohen Foundation, combating bullying and homophobia in sport."

This year, the rowing team confirmed that they will donate once again a portion of the raised money to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender/Transsexual (LGBT) community supporter and rugby legend, Ben Cohen with the anti-homophobia and bullying charitable institution.

The LGBT community is still celebrating after the historical Supreme Court ruling to turn over the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) with a 5-4 vote. Social networking sites Facebook and Twitter showed support on the decision where famous celebrities posted their response on the ruling together with YouTube and brands like Gap and MasterCard.  

"We decided that we wanted to do more, firstly to say thank you to the gay community who have given us so much support over the last four years, but also to honor the many people who have shared stories with us of the difficulties they faced in coming to terms with their sexuality against a backdrop of bullying and hate," the British rowing club further stated.

Additionally, the women's rowing team will now be included in the nude calendar photo shoot but the raised money will go to the Macmillan Cancer Research for financial support on cervical cancer study. The Warwick University rowing club is proud to confirm that they have both gay and straight members and they have raised to this point £11,760 ($18,000/€14,000) for the upcoming men's 2014 calendar.

Take a look at the photos of the Warwick University Rowing Club Members who posed nude to a calendar photo shoot for charity.

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