Warning: Fake Flappy Bird Android App Installs Malware

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There is no legit way to download "Flappy Bird" anymore after its developer Don Nguyen has taken it off the Apple Store and Google Play.

If you have missed downloading the game on App Stores and if you are dying to play the addictive game, do not even attempt to fall for Web sites that offer to download the mobile game as you might be risking your phone credits or your personal information.

Several fake Android "Flappy Bird" apps are spreading online, Trend Micro reported. The fake Flappy Bird apps are making its way in third-party stores in Eastern Europe such as Russia and Southeast Asia, particularly from Vietnam, Nguyen's country.

"The fake 'Flappy Bird' app asks for the additional read/send text messages permissions during installation - one that is not required in the original version," it said on the news article posted by the security firm.

Android users who downloaded and installed the fake "Flappy Bird" app will begin sending text messages to premium numbers that cost money. Also, Android users even get to receive messages that incur charges. As if scamming hundreds of dollars isn't enough, the fake "Flappy Bird" app can even steal the personal data you have stored in your phone, not only your phone number but also to your account credentials at Google.

"While the user is busy playing the game, this malware stealthily connects to a C&C server through Google Cloud Messaging to receive instructions."

It should be easy to detect bogus or malicious application. Sometimes one's intuition may really prove to be right. Now that "Flappy Bird" is no longer available for download on legitimate App stores, there is not a chance that a trustworthy version of the Android application package file are going to be lurking somewhere online. It is vital not to fall for the trap of many cyber criminals.

In any case that any one of you may have accidentally downloaded and installed the fake "Flappy Bird" app, ensure to run a malware scan and perform a complete uninstallation of the bogus app. Let the "Flappy Bird" just flap away.

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