Warner Music Agrees to Pay Kylie Minogue’s Backup Dancers Correct Legal Minimum Fee

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Warner Music Australia is finally paying Kylie Minogue’s dancers for their music video and Logie Awards performance. The pop star’s label has agreed to shell out the correct rates to the backup dancers following criticisms that it offered them less than the legal minimum fee.

It was previously reported that some professional dancers were asked to work for free on Minogue’s “I Was Gonna Cancel” music video. Some were offered $100 for their work, although the union wanted $200, which it said was the legal minimum.

The industry standard is $550.

Freelance dancer Catelyn Watson told Fairfax Media that she was initially told that she would receive no payment for her work for the 

On Sunday night, Minogue performed her song live with 30 dancers. According to Equity Australia director Sue McCreadie said that the dancers were initially offered $700, including rehearsals and overtime, but it was still less than the legal minimum payment of $1156 to include the hours that they have worked.

According to Fairfax Media, Warner Music has now agreed to pay the correct rates to all the dancers involved in both the music video shoot and the live performance at the Logies.

It is currently in negotiation with subcontracted producers to assess which performers are classified as extras, inexperienced dancers or experienced dancers. This would determine how much the dancers should be paid.

The rate of the dancers wasn’t the only controversy that Minogue unwittingly courted during her Logies performance.

Some viewers have accused the pop princess of lip-synching during her number, a claim that Minogue has denied.

“Dancing With the Stars” judge Todd McKenney thought that Minogue was “#mimingbadly,” while some of his followers assented.

Minogue, however, denied the lip-synching allegation.

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