Wardrobe Malfunction: See Lady Gaga Flashes Panty as She Shows Off Tattoo in Berlin [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

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Lady Gaga is known for her outlandish outfit so to see her wearing one that shows her entire left leg will not come as such a big surprise. But the “Alejandro” singer wanted to show off the tattoo inked on her left thigh that as she pulled of her pink dress, Lady Gaga flashes her underwear.

Stepping out in a pink, frilly dress, the 27-year old singer was on her way to the Ritz Hotel in Berlin when her panties got exposed in front of screaming fans. The Mail Online estimated the crowd about 500 fans who lined the streets to get a closer look of the popular singer.

The “Born This Way" singer is in Berlin, Germany for an event organized for her album, ARTPOP. As she made her way to the hotel, fans had gone screaming and calling out her name and the singer stopped for a moment to calm down her devoted followers.

Considering that Lady Gaga had been snapped wearing nothing but bra for her top in New York streets a couple of months ago, seeing her in pinky frilly could be regarded as “conservative” to her taste.

But a closer look at her overall get up may just prove otherwise.

With her pinky frilly, Lady Gaga may be seen covered on her right side. But looking at the singer to her left, one may see more than what he or she has bargained for.

A close look at the series of photos posted on Mail Online showed that Lady Gaga’s entire left thigh is exposed, and one can see her underwear. The singer wanted her fans to see more than her toned thigh that she pulled up her dress to show off her tattoo - - a unicorn Lady Gaga had inked in 2010 to pay tribute to her third album.

With her entourage, Lady Gaga arrived at the Ritz Carlton hotel at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin last Oct. 22.

See more photos of Lady Gaga flashing her panties here. START the SLIDESHOW and check out more photos of singer, Lady Gagay. Scroll down to watch VIDEO.

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Credit: YouTube/LadyGagaVEVO

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