Warcraft Movie: Savage Orc Weapon Doomhammer Picture and Logo

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Legendary Pictures has released a video showing the logo of the upcoming movie "Warcraft." The studio also showed a prop of the Orc weapon Doomhammer for the San Diego Comic Con event. The other props fans can expect to see are the Dragon Sword and Lion Shield. The release date of the movie is March 11, 2016.

"Warcraft" is an upcoming movie based on one of the most popular gaming franchise from Blizzard Entertainment. The writers of the movie will have to choose from a vast number of stories in the fictional realm of Azeroth.

The producers of the movie have been tight lipped about the plot of the movie. The props for the Comic Con event may give the fans of the franchise an idea about what to expect in the upcoming movie. Click here to see the picture of the Doomhammer.

The world of "Warcraft" has multiple races. The races include humans, Orcs, Goblins, the Undead and Demons. The Doomhammer and the Dragon Sword suggests that the fans can expect to see the Orcs and Humans in the upcoming movie. The video released by the producers only shows the logo of the movie.

The Doomhammer is a relic of the Orcs passed on from father to son. The devastating weapon was forged in Draenor, the home world of the Orcs. The weapon has a long history of being wielded for both good as well as evil.

Some of the fans speculate that "Warcraft" will be about the war between the Orcs and the Human Alliance. The teaser trailer released at the Comic Con has not been made available to the general public yet.

The other popular story that the producers of "Warcraft" can choose is that of price Arthus. The story of the young prince obsessed with vengeance slowly turned darker. His story is one of the main plot elements of the recent games - "Reign of Chaos," "The Frozen Throne" and "Wrath of the Lich King."

Fans of the "Warcraft" franchise hope the movie stays true to the important story line in the game. The success of the upcoming movie may open the doorway for more games getting developed into movies.

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