‘The Wanted Life’ 2013: Half of UK Boy Band The Wanted 'Want' Privacy Back, Getting Little Action Under the Sheet? [VIDEO]


Having their own reality show on television has been a welcome one for most members of the The Wanted, the English-Irish boy band which had premiered “The Wanted Life” less than a month ago. But not for two of them, Nathan Sykes and Siva Kaneswaran. The two has been the most vocal among the group to wanting their privacy back.

It was hard for Nathan be fully involved in the show since he had just had his throat surgery and recovery is just underway. Of the two, Silva has been unhappy with all the cameras following them inside the big mansion.

 Like the popular Big Brother Show, thousands of audience takes a glimpse of the life of the five-member boy band with the help of all the cameras following their every move, both in and out of the house. This is not good for Siva who came to the United States with her girlfriend, Nareesha McCaffrey. The most introvert of the group, Siva doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of action with his girlfriend? Or he’s one who just loves to be alone with her at all times.

Nathan’s and Siva’s quest for privacy is not shared by Tom Parker, described by the Examiner-UK as the most extrovert member of the group.

“A few of the boys didn’t want to do another series, but I think it’s good for us, it’s great exposure,” Parker was quoted as saying by the Examiner.com.

Early in their first season but The Wanted band members have been split whether or not there will be a second season for the reality TV show, The Wanted Life, aired on E!.

“They’re talking about it at the moment. I think it’s going to happen which is good. You don’t want to do a season and then be forgotten about,” Parker also said, quoted by andpop.com.

The fans have grown to love the British boy bands, and they have raked in positive ratings and received rave reviews since its first episode aired on June 2 on E!. As a group, the guys offers a new perspective on boy bands, one with mixed personalities and have brightened many Sunday evenings with their adventures (and misadventures) and their “shenanigans.

As reported by IBTimes-Au following their first episode early this month, Max George seemed to be the most interested in girls and the first run featured him as the most excited mapping out plans on meeting the girls.

Episode 5 of Season 1 of The Wanted Life, “Crazy Like a Popstar airs on E! Sunday, June 30, 10pm ET/PT. The fifth episode features the boy band “creating video for their upcoming single and their safety is questioned when unannounced guests arrive.”

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