Want a Piece of Ryan Gosling's Flesh? Disgusting Fandom: Eat Celebrity Meat—Weird Lab Mixes Celebrity Tissues with Animal Meat

By @Ze_Charm on

The new fad that is making rounds over the Internet is enough to disgust any fan. According to Slate.com, a site called Bites Lab is claiming that they get celebrity tissue samples from celebrities and isolates the muscle stem cells, growing meat in "proprietary bioreactors." The meat that is cultivated is later made into artisanal salami.

"We mix celebrity and animal meats, grown in house through a proprietary culturing process, into curated salami blends. Our process yields high-quality, luxury protein, in a sustainable manner that eliminates the environmental and ethical concerns associated with traditional livestock production," stated Bites Lab in its Web site.

Mixing celebrity tissues with animal meat to remove the ethical concerns? Fans are yet to react to absurd marketing campaign. In fact, most fans are wishing that the announcement is just some sort of screwed up marketing scheme to attract traffic to some ad or service. Unfortunately, the Web site is yet to clarify their statement about celebrity meat. Hence, fans all over the world are still stuck with the horror of eating their famous idol's meat mixed with animal flesh.

Others are blaming the viral marketer Thunderclap for supporting the absurd marketing idea. In Twitter, Thunderclap seemed to 'favorite' a post about the hashtag, #EatCelebrityMeat.

Too bad most of us have a bad image of artisanal salami now. On the bright side, maybe it would be good for die-hard fans to get a piece of Ryan Gosling's flesh? Or maybe Brad Pitt's meat? Or perhaps even Miley Cyrus' body?

In other disconcerting news, a 38-year old woman is trying in as much as she can to look, and act like Mattel's famous product, Barbie. The 38-year old has gone extensive measures to embody Barbie by getting hypnotherapy to 'dumb her down.'

"I want people to treat me like a sex doll," said Blondie Bennett in an interview when asked why she wanted to become the next human Barbie doll. Bennett claims that she is already dumbing down from all the hypnotherapy she has been undergoing. She claims that she always gets confused and mixes up a lot of things now. 

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