‘The Walking Dead’s’ Daryl Dixon Doesn’t Seek Romance, ‘It’s Not a Reality Show,’ says Norman Reedus

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Fans can take a bucket of cold water and pour it over the rumour-fire about Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene romance. Norman Reedus who is known for playing the crossbow dude on "The Walking Dead" talks to The Daily Beast about the alleged "Daryl and Beth romance angles."

Norman rubbishes the reports of Daryl trying to hook up with Beth.

"It's crazy the amount of Internet stuff. I don't think that it's so much a romantic thing like he's trying to bone Beth, you know what I mean?" says Norman.

"It's not a reality show. It's a television show based on emotion and the end of times and finding companionship. It's not so much about who's gonna bone who, or who needs a haircut. People are getting off the track here a little bit. [The characters] are just trying to find people who aren't trying to kill them, who they can hang out with. They're finding out who they are through other people. I get that all the time," explains Norman.

"The Walking Dead" star says that the show is not about romance or who is hooking up; it is about survivors running for their lives.

Going back to Daryl and Beth's relationship, Norman says that his character loves Beth's honesty.

"She's so honest, there's not a bad bone in her body. She's such a non-threatening person. I think them being in this situation and him protecting her and her becoming a light in the tunnel for this guy [has got him] following her lead and showing him hope. I think that that's something that he finds very brave, and he looks up to her in that way. They've sort of adopted each other."

According to Norman, Beth rekindles hope in Daryl's heart. However, in "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 13, "Alone," Beth is kidnapped by someone and Daryl tries his best to save her. Sadly, he could not.

Will Daryl and Beth reunite anytime soon? "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 14, "The Grove" focuses on one mini group comprising of Tyreese, Carol, Mika, Lizzie and baby Judith, so at least in the next episode they are not reuniting.

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