‘The Walking Dead’ Update: If Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene Had a Baby, Hershel Greene Would Have Been a Proud Grandfather

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Papa Greene has given his consent. Yes, Hershel Greene is not alive but if he would have been, he would have accepted Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Beth Greene's (Emily Kinney) baby. Scott Wilson, who played the iconic character - Hershel Greene on "The Walking Dead," took part in a chat with fans on Valhalla Entertainment's Twitter account.

"The Walking Dead" Season 4, Episode 8 saw the demise of Hershel Greene. The one eyed monster - Governor decapitated him using Michonne's katana in front of Team Rick. It was a soul-crushing sequence. After the destruction of the prison, Rick and party were left stranded and they all got separated.

Scott Wilson talked about things that happened after his character passed away in the show. Hershel's daughter Beth Greene and Daryl Dixon got together and left the prison in "The Walking Dead" Season 4, Episode 8. A fan asked about Hershel's reaction if Daryl and Beth hooked up.

"He would probably suggest Daryl take a bath because he's incredibly proud of being dirty."

However, if Daryl did take bath, Hershel would be cool with 'Beryl'.

When another fan asked how Hershel would welcome the idea of Daryl and Beth having a baby together.

"He would be a proud Grandfather," replied Scott.

According to Comicbook.com, during the chat, one of the fans stated that Norman Reedus had once expressed his desire to be Scott Wilson when he grew up. Scott replies that he wants to be Norman Reedus right now.

Hershel's death was sad and the only way his character could make a comeback in "The Walking Dead" is through flashback segments. When asked if he will be willing to do a flashback scene for the show, he answered with: "I would be honoured to. I think Hershel will live on in the psyche of all that knew him, so his story will go on."

"The Walking Dead" Season 5 airs this October on AMC.

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