Walking Dead Star Norman Reedus Confirmed as Silent Hills Main Character via PT Demo

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A playable trailer revealed that Norman Reedus plays the upcoming main character on the next generation Silent Hill instalment called 'Silent Hills' based on a collaboration video teaser produced by Hideo Kojima and directed by Guillermo del Toro.

Norman Reedus in Silent Hill

Fans of the Walking Dead popular actor Norman Reedus might be interested on seeing his appearance on the next generation franchise of the famous psychological horror game - Silent Hill. According to a YouTube video, Reedus' main character walks into a city district which looks or seems abandoned with that entire scary ambience known from the Silent Hill game series.

The teaser trailer confirmed that Norman Reedus stars on the upcoming game series titled 'Silent Hills' while the video has been produced by Kojima Productions using Fox Engine and has been a collaboration between Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro.

Originally, the video teaser found at YouTube is part of the playable trailer released during Sony Gamescom and became available for download via PS Store for Sony PlayStation 4. And if any important details about the character's background played by Reedus and storyline were revealed, players should check out the uploaded media at Twitch.

Playable Trailer Collaboration

Kotaku reports claim that the technique used on the new Silent Hill is very similar to other game announcement released by Kojima such as 'Metal Gear Solid 5' which was teased as 'The Phantom Pain.'

Kojima Productions has been known on producing games since 1987 and most of them are part of the Metal Gear game series such as The Phantom Pain, Ground Zeroes, Legacy Collection, Social Ops, Snake Eater 3D, Peace Walker, Solid Touch and Guns of the Patriots. Non-metal gear games produced by Kojima include Zone of the Enders HD Collection, Lunar Knights and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Director Guillermo del Toro is not new on collaborations and video games as he was the director, producer and writer of the survival horror game 'Insane' being developed by Volition to be published by THQ and would be the first game series of the planned trilogy. Other works include the Hellboy: The Science of Evil and the unreleased Sundown which he was a co-developer.

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