‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Spoilers: Is Gareth a Version of Chris from ‘TWD’ Comic Books?

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"The Walking Dead" Season 4 finale featured Gareth (Andrew J. West) at the Terminus. Now, it is still not clear if Gareth is a version or Chris himself from the comic books. According to Wetpaint, Gareth was supposed to be a remix character from the books, but was altered so that comic book fans could not identify him in the show.

However, Gareth looks a lot like Chris, who is the leader of The Hunters (cannibals). The Hollywood Reporter talked to showrunner Scott Gimple and comic book writer and executive producer Robert Kirkman after "The Walking Dead" season 4 finale.

The Web site asked about Chris and Gareth being similar.

"They have very similar hair," said Scott, adding, "That's as far as I would go. I'm not going to say people are right or wrong, but Gareth certainly isn't Chris from the comics unless Chris was lying to us about his past, which he may have. Chris unloaded what happened in his past in some detail, but I can't confirm or deny."

"It's possible; there are some similarities there. That's all I'll say," added Robert.

The Hunters consists of six members including Chris, who is the leader. These people became cannibals after they ran out of food supplies. Chris claimed that they had to consume their own children to survive. Hunters are featured in Volume # 11 of "The Walking Dead" comic books.

There are several clues for fans to predict that the Terminus residents can be cannibals. Mary's huge BBQ, bones on the floor and people trapped like animals in containers. However, it is not yet confirmed that Gareth is Chris because of the candle room.

The whole candle room is something new and it can be linked to rituals and sacrifices, notes Wetpaint.

Perhaps, Gareth and others can be a weird of remix of cannibals and ritual monsters.

Stay tuned for more theories about "The Walking Dead" season 5. 

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