‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Spoilers: Bullet-Riddled Car, Explosion at the Front Door Plus Big Car Chase Scene

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People around Atlanta and Senoia, GA area know what is going on the set of "The Walking Dead" Season 5. While the cast and crew are taking care to maintain a high level of secrecy, still fans get to see what is happening. The Spoiling Dead Fans shared photographs of a bullet-riddled car and the front shot of the house with blood splatters near the door.

"More photos from Fridays filming. There seems to have been some small explosion at the front door. Possibly trying to blast there way through the steel covered door to get inside? They must have really wanted to get inside!" wrote The Spoiling Dead Fans.

Is the car the same one in which Beth Greene (Emily Kinney) was abducted?  

Earlier, the site shared a close-up shot of the house with a reinforced metal door. Will they succeed in entering the house? It has yet to be seen who the occupants of this house are.

Also, there has been a big car chase sequence and "The Walking Dead" Fans shared an update.

"A big scene was filmed late last night while Melissa and Norman were in senoia. A chase scene was filmed multiple times involving two vehicles. One had a cross in the back window but it was not the same vehicle that took Beth. With leaves spread over the road the car would speed away. Right after, you would hear a gunshot followed by another vehicle chasing after the other. This was filmed multiple times at different angles."

Wetpaint notes that Norman Reedus is filming in Senoia, so it looks like it could be an escape from Terminus. However, the location of Terminus is not in Senoia.

Also, Melissa has been spotted with Norman in Senoia, they may or may not be filming a scene for the new season.

"The Walking Dead" Season 5 episodes airs this October on AMC.

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