‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 Spoiler Photo: Norman Reedus’ Character Daryl Dixon And Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes With Guns

Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes in Attack Mode
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Brutality will dominate "The Walking Dead" Season 5. The survivors will battle the undead and some crazy and twisted enemies in the form of Termites. This new spoiler photo shows Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) armed with guns. They are ready to take down their enemies.

In the photo, Daryl and Rick are carrying automatic guns. Daryl for a change is also wielding a gun and carrying his crossbow on his back. Check out the picture here on People.com.

Recently, Andrew Lincoln talked to Entertainment Weekly and shared that 'brutal is the word for this season.

He said that "The Walking Dead" is the same tale moving forward after Season 4 finale.

"But because their leader is incredibly uncompromising, I think he is dragging a lot of those people into a place that is darker, more brutal, and there will be fallout from that. So it feels like it's a more grown-up show. It fees like we're heading into the heart of darkness. Brutal is the word for this season. It's always been pretty intense, but this season I think is very hard hitting. People should be prepared for that, I think," Lincoln said.

This new Rick Grimes is what other survivors like Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs), Michonne (Danai Gurira) and others need in order to continue their journey in the post-apocalyptic world.

Lincoln said Rick has become a man "who doesn't doubt himself."

"He's a man who doesn't doubt himself anymore, and he's accepted his brutality as much as his humanity. So I think he's in an incredibly powerful and dangerous place."

In one of "The Walking Dead" Season 5 teaser videos (see below), Rick warns that if they hurt his family in any way, he will kill them.

Premiere instalment of the new season will continue from Season 4 finale episode.

"The Walking Dead" Season 5, Episode 1 airs Sunday, Oct. 12, 2014 on AMC.

Credit: YouTube/AMC

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