‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5 New Spoilers: Testing Times Ahead for Carl Grimes

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Fans have witnessed Carl Grimes (Chandler Riggs) grow in the post-apocalyptic world. After the electrifying season 4 finale, testing times wait for Carl in "The Walking Dead" season 5.

Right from season 1 to season 4, Carl Grimes faced numerous challenges. He shot his father Rick Grimes' (Andrew Lincoln) best friend Shane. Later in "The Walking Dead" season 2, he was seen throwing stones at walkers. He also fatally shot his mom after the pregnancy complications. By the time, season 3 ended he killed three people including the Woodbury guy.

However, Hershel Greene (Scott Wilson) and Michonne (Danai Gurira) tried to raise him like a human being and not like a monster. Carl has Rick's darkness inside of him. After the prison destruction in "The Walking Dead" season 4, Michonne, Rick and Carl continued their journey as a mini group.

Michonne and Carl's bond blossomed after the mid-season finale instalment. However, "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 16 finale "A" turned out to be brutal for Carl. One of the marauders tried to rape him, thankfully Rick put him down. Rick also killed Joe and other members of his group with Michonne's help.

Now, Carl has witnessed, probably, the darkest side of papa Grimes. "The Walking Dead" season 5 is expected to show Rick and his team trapped in Terminus.

Major challenges await Carl in "The Walking Dead" season 5 episodes.

One of TV Guide readers predicted that Carl will go all berserk on the cannibals when "TWD" returns with season 5. However, the website noted that the showrunner and producers have not yet confirmed the presence of The Hunters or the cannibals.

"Carl [is] in a pretty bad position locked in this train car at the mercy of other people, and that could lead to him being tested in other big ways. There's a lot of changes left for that kid to go through," said comic book writer and executive producer Robert Kirkman to TV Guide.

Carl Grimes is already calling himself a monster. How will this affect him and the group in "The Walking Dead" season 5?

Showrunner Scott Gimple talked to The Hollywood Reporter about Carl.

"What's interesting and tragic - and this is something we were going for from the start of the season - is that he would wind up with a very mature self-awareness," said Scott.

"He's worried about being a monster, but the fact that he's worried about that is actually wonderful for this kid. At the end of Season 3, he wasn't worried about being a monster. He was almost proud of the rough things he's done. He said, 'I did what I had to do,' in the season finale. In this, he's straight-up worried about the things he's done. He's worried about what his father believes him to be. It's a subtle thing, but the fact that he's worried about his demons to me says he's conquered them, that he is a human being with a conscience."

"The Walking Dead" returns with season 5 this October 2014. Stay tuned for more spoilers, casting and other updates.

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