‘The Walking Dead’ Season 5: Chandler Riggs Reveals Terminus is Doomed

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In "The Walking Dead" Season 4, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) said that the Terminus residents are screwing with the wrong people. It looks like Rick Grimes and other survivors are going to teach the Terminus guys a lesson in Season 5. The cast members of the show are currently filming the upcoming season's episodes in Georgia.

Rick Grimes and others are stuck in the train car at Terminus. When the show returns with Season 5, fans will get to see how they will get out of that car. Meanwhile, Carl Grimes is also stuck inside. A fan asked him a direct question on ask.fm.

"Is terminus screwed?" asked the fans.

Chandler Riggs, too, was pretty direct.

"yes they are doomed," replied Chandler.

The Spoiling Dead Fans team shared photographs and updates from the filming locations. Explosions and charred bodies were spotted at the location. Is it possible that the survivors come out of the car and burn the place down? Wetpaint stated that it can be related to Terminus origin story.

Andrew Lincoln talked to Entertainment Weekly in April and he revealed that the survivors are going to give the Terminus residents a hard time.

"Oh, I don't care what Scott Gimple has written - we're improvising the first couple of episodes. We've already said that those Termites - we're just gonna kick their bu**s! Honestly, it is so good to be playing Rick again. And you're absolutely right, this is a man - his journey this season and since the beginning - it goes to the question of can we ever come back to be the people we once were, and certainly the first half of the season was about a man suppressing that, and suppressing his brutality for the sake of his son," said Andrew.

"Oh. We're gonna open up a can of whup-a**! I'm so excited. I just know it's gonna go off! It's so cool! I have no idea how we're gonna get out of there, but when we do, we will rain hell upon these Termites!"

"The Walking Dead" Season 5 episodes air this October on AMC. 

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