‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Post Mid-Season Finale Episodes Will be ‘Satisfying’

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Greg Nicotero, producer, director and special effects maestro, recently talked to Channel Guide Magazine about "The Walking Dead's" future and past. He talked at length about different things that happened in the show and what fans can expect.

After the mid-season finale episode of season 4, the characters no longer have the prison, and they are out on the road. Moreover, they are separated from each other.

"I feel like Episode 9 and onward really harkens back to the first season of The Walking Dead, because if you think about Season 2, they were on Hershel's farm," Greg continued. "In Season 3 and half of Season 4, they had the prison and Woodbury. So this is the first time that they're out in the world again. So it's the first time that we really get that sense of how big the world is and how unprotected people are in the wilderness," said Greg.

He confirmed that "The Walking Dead" season 4 episode 9 is the closest adaptation to the comic book that they have ever done.

Baby Judith's carrier was filled covered with blood and the sight devastated Rick and Carl Grimes. What is Judith's fate in "The Walking Dead?"

"When you see them leave the prison, Rick is barely alive - another 10 seconds and Rick would've been done. So him watching Hershel's death and being emotionally beaten down and physically beaten down and having bonded with Carl (Chandler Riggs) again, it's clear that when they walk up to the baby seat and there's blood splattered on it, there's a reason for them to react the way that they did," explained Greg.

"The Walking Dead" season 4 post-mid season finale episodes will feature storylines about different characters like Daryl Dixon, Carol, Tyreese, Lizzie and others.

"The beauty of Season 4, in my opinion, is that every single moment is there for a reason," he said. "Stuff that we shot in the first episode this year pays off later, and it's like each character has a beginning, a middle and an end. It's really satisfying. Scott Gimple has really steered our ship in the right direction. Scott knows what's going to happen in Season 5 already. He probably already knows what's going to happen in Season 6."

Certainly, "The Walking Dead" will be quite satisfying in the second half of season 4. Are you excited about the return?

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