‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 New Promo: Carol With a Gun? Tough Times for Rick, Carl and Michonne [VIDEO]

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The new promo for "The Walking Dead" season 4 showcases Carol Peletier. She will be back very soon after "TWD" returns with the second half of season 4 on February 9.

The Return of Carol

Rick Grimes left Carol in the suburbs in episode 4 of this season. Fans don't know her whereabouts as of now and AMC has been quite secretive about Carol's actions. Probably, they don't wish to spoil the fun by revealing her whereabouts in promos and sneak peeks of "The Walking Dead" season 4. Fans have speculated that Carol might run into Tyreese in season 4. There is a hand holding a gun, and it is believed to be Carol's hand.

Daryl and Beth Together. Or maybe not.

Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene left the prison together, but it is likely that they separate later. The latest promo shows Daryl in a building or maybe a house with walkers. Beth is not with him. Perhaps, she is outside. It is also possible that she went back to the prison to look for her sister Maggie Greene.

Beth - "We're not the only survivors. We can't be."

The start of the promo shows Beth at a campfire and telling that they are not the only survivors. She might be talking to Daryl in this sequence. In another scene, Beth is seen with a knife in front of a tree as a walker comes close. Time for stabbing!

Carl and Rick Grimes Going Through a Rough Patch

They are survivors. Each and every moment is like a tough battle for survival. As the promo ends, Carl Grimes is on the ground, moving away from a walker. Rick looks battered and checks himself out in the mirror.

Glenn and Maggie are not Together and she Looks Terrified

Maggie was last in the prison with Bob Stookey and Sasha. In this promo, she looks horrified and backing away from something.

"The Walking Dead" season 4 second-half airs Sunday, February 9, 2014 on AMC.

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