‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4: Lauren Cohan Talks about Maggie Greene and Glenn Rhee

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After the prison war in "The Walking Dead" season 4's mid season finale, the group got separated. The precious couple, perhaps the best looking one on the show, Maggie Greene and Glenn Rhee too got separated. After the destruction, Maggie put Glenn on the bus, and she went back to assist others, but he left the prison without her. Later, Glenn got off in order to look for her girl. Maggie is with Bob Stookey and Sasha while Glenn is with Tara Chambler and the two new guys and a hot girl - Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter and Rosita Espinosa.

Glenn convinced Tara and Abraham and company to drop the plan to go to Washington D.C. and search Maggie instead.

Lauren Cohan talked to HuffPost LIVE, and one of the fans noted that Maggie dominates Glenn. However, this is what Lauren has to say on Gleggie.

"I know she pursued him, and I know that there a certain initiatives that she's taken, but I don't feel like she's the stronger one in the relationship," said Lauren.

"It's interesting that it comes across that way. I just still look back on how angry he was when The Governor attacked me and how he broke out of the binds of that chair...that's one of my favorite scenes."

When the interviewer mentioned that Glenn may be weaker because of the flu, but Lauren said that no matter what he always tried to protect Maggie. The actress said that they are weaker without each other.

On the show, when a fan asked her about choosing from Glenn or Beth.

"She's hellbent on finding Glenn," said Lauren, adding, "Maybe she knows that Beth knows where to go? But yeah, I don't have an answer for that one."

Lauren loves her character Maggie, she said that she is exciting and interesting. She loves to be bada** on the screen with guys.

Watch "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 13, "Alone" on Sunday, March 9 on AMC. 

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