‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4, Episode 16, ‘A’ Spoilers Round-up: A Character May Commit Suicide, Last Lines of the Finale Installment Plus More

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The end is near. No, it is not the last line of "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 16, however, the last lines of the installment are going to give the fans chills. Also, rumours have it that a character may commit suicide in episode 16 of this season.

Spoilers for "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 16

1.   Last lines: Producer and special effects maestro talked to The Hollywood Reporter.

"We spent a lot of time crafting those bits and pieces. Seeing where the season goes and how it ends -- the last line in the episode gave me chills when I first read it -- I think people are going to love it. People are going to feel like they went on an amazing journey and all we've done is open a new door to a new journey. The threat level is high. It's suspenseful, thrilling and exciting."

Robert Kirkman also teased that the final episode will not disappoint the fans.

2.   Terminus - house of cannibals: Terminus could have been the new prison for Rick and his group. However, according to a post on Comicbook.com, Terminus is not as safe as the survivors think it is. It can be related to The Hunters or the cannibals.

3.   One of the marauders try to rape Carl Grimes: In "The Walking Dead comic" issue # 57, one of the members of Joe's group tried to sexually assault Carl. A foreign promo for the finale indicates that something bad may happen to Carl on the show. In the promo, a marauder puts the knife to Carl's neck, while Rick watches.

4.   Rick uses a "surprising" weapon: "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 16 is sheer brutality for Rick. In this episode, he uses a special kind of weapon or technique (to be precise) to kill the opponent. Apparently, he uses his teeth in the comic books to kill a marauder. It is likely that the TV version of Rick Grimes too might use the "teeth technique" to knock down one of the marauders.

"The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 16 titled "A" on Sunday, March 30, 2014.  

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