‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4, Episode 11, ‘Claimed’ Recap: Carl knows Michonne’s Son’s Name, Rick Kills Again, Glenn and Abraham Fight

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"The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 11, "Claimed" focuses on two major storylines. First one features Glenn, Tara, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene, while the second one revolves around Rick, Michonne and Carl. This episode is quite character-drive, perfect for building the second-half of season 4. Michonne and Carl bond while they are out for the supply run. For a change, Carl is not a pain in the a**, thanks to her new BFF, Michonne.

Storyline Featuring Glenn, Tara and Team Abraham

As of now, Sgt. Abraham, Rosita and Eugene are not bad guys, and they certainly belong to the good guys league. However, Glenn does not agrees to this notion, at least in "The Walking Dead" season 4 episode 11. "Claimed" starts off with Abraham giving Glenn and Tara a ride. On the way, they kill a few walkers. Abraham is a nice chap, he is friend and tough. Tara likes that he smiles.

"I am the luckiest guy in the world," says Abraham.

Later in the episode, Abraham and other guys are travelling to get Dr. Eugene to Washington D.C. who claims to know the reason of the zombie outbreak. However, Glenn seems least interested in the research plans of Abraham. He wants to get back and find Maggie. Tara and he starts to walk back to the bus, during this time Abraham tells Glenn that she might be long gone by now.

Glenn's you-don't-pi**-a-Korean mode is activated. He punched Abraham, and they start to fight. The boys are in trouble in this episode. Meanwhile, walkers in large numbers approach them. Eugene starts killing them and later other join in. However, they end up ruining their vehicle's tank.

Now, they decide to join Glenn and Tara towards the bus.

Storyline featuring Rick, Carl and Michonne

Rick, Michonne and Carl's new home is swanky. Meanwhile, Rick thanks Michonne for making her son happy as he is aware that he can never be a good father.

The new BFFs leave for the supply run, and she tells Carl the name of his three-year-old son. His name is Andre Anthony. Carl tries to know more about her son who died. Michonne, while clearing the bedrooms, find dead zombie kids lying nicely on the bed and one on a chair. She is upset because of her past.

Meanwhile, Rick is resting in the home and wakes up only to find strangers in the house. He quickly gets under the bed. A person comes and sleeps on the bed and then another person walks, and they start to fight over the possession of the bed.

Rick comes out and tries to escape without them noticing his presence. He quickly gets into the bathroom and finds another person. He chokes him and escape from the bathroom window.

One of the guys comes out of the house to eat, and he's called back because of something. Michonne and Carl are on their way back and luckily, Rick meets them and they escape.

They walk on the tracks and see a sign like Tyreese and Carol did. The sign points to the Terminus.

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