‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4, Episode 10, ‘Inmates’ Promo and Sneak Peeks: Analysis – Episode to Feature More Characters than ‘After’

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Season 4 mid-premiere episode - "After" was just about three characters, Michonne, Rick and Carl Grimes. However, "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 10 titled "Inmates" will feature at least nine characters. Rumour mills churned out this theory that the episode might introduce three new characters. AMC released one promo and two sneak peeks for viewers. Let's have a look at what these promo and sneak peeks have to say about episode 10.

1. "Hitchhikers may be escaping inmates." A sign reads at the start of the promo. Prison folks are on the road as they escaped the prison (their home) after the attack by the Governor.

2. People in the bus. What happened to the people in the bus? So far, no one knows who the driver of the bus is. Glenn boarded the bus without Maggie. He might have jumped off as well. One of the earlier promos showed people coming out of the back of the bus. In "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 10 promo, Maggie is around dead bodies. Are these dead bodies in any way related to the bus people?

3. Sasha, Maggie and Bob in front of dead bodies. They plan to split up. Bad idea? In the episode 10, "Inmates" promo, Sasha, Maggie and Bob are in front of loads of dead bodies. "I need to help them," says Bob. Is he pointing toward the dead bodies?

"We cannot split up. Not now," says Sasha. Split up at this would be a bad idea for them. However, Maggie is shown walking through the dead bodies. Is she looking for Glenn there?

4. Tyreese vs. Walkers. He hammers some walkers near the train tracks.

5. Beth with the knife to slay walkers. Daryl and Beth talk to each other by the fire, she says they are not the only survivors and must look out for others. In the next scene, she is shown holding a knife as a walker attacks.

In another sneak peek of "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 10, Daryl tries to locate other prison members and find blood, human blood and not undead's blood.

6. Glenn yelling, "Maggie!" In the promo, Glenn is on the ground. He looks tired and bloody. "TWD" season 4 episode 10 promo shows Glenn screaming Maggie's name.

"The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 10, "Inmates" - Promo.

Credit: YouTube/tvpromosdb "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 10, "Inmates" - Sneak Peeks

Credit: YouTube/TVPromosSubs

"The Walking Dead" Season 4, Episode 10 - Sneak Peek # 1. Watch here.

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