‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4: Did Eugene Intentionally Shoot the Gas Tank of the Truck? (Spoilers)

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Eugene Porter is an interesting character. For instance, he has a crush of Abraham's girl, Rosita Espinosa. No wonder, she is the brand new hottie in "The Walking Dead" world. Meanwhile, in the last episode of season 4, Glenn and Abraham are busy fighting and a group walkers attack. Eugene tries to get the attention of the walkers, but fails. He takes a gun and attempts to use it. He only ends up shooting the firearm in every direction.

Later, Abraham and Glenn join Eugene and they get rid of the walkers. After clearing the mess, they realise the truck has bullet holes and leaking gasoline. It is of no use for them. Is Eugene really that dumb with the gun?

The question here: Did Eugene intentionally shoot the gas tank of the truck?

Zap2it talked to Josh McDermitt (Eugene Porter) and asked this question.

"There's two ways to look at it for someone like Eugene. I kind of like to look at it like he's in the middle of a chess match where he's thinking three or four moves ahead of his opponents. When the fight's going on, Eugene's hanging back by the truck, partly because Abraham probably told him, 'Hey, if we ever need to get out of the truck or whatever, the safest place is you to stay there,' because to everyone else, Eugene's the package. He's the most important element of their mission."

"But then also Eugene's probably going, 'Okay, we're wasting time. How can I use this to my advantage?' Of course, when the walkers come out, he starts shooting them up. The two ways you can look at it is he could have swung the gun the other way and still figure out how he could slow up their progress and their trip, or he can swing it toward the truck and take the truck out too. I don't think Eugene does everything deliberate, but I also don't think he flies by the seat of his pants and just wings it. I think there's a nice mixture of both."

Fans will have to wait and watch if Eugene is really a manipulator or not.

"The Walking Dead" season 4 episodes air Sundays on AMC.

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