The Walking Dead Season 3 Confirmed, Telltale Also Releases Season 2 for iOS, Android Expected

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Fans of "The Walking Dead" will be happy to know that a third season will be coming to the console version of the game. It seems that Telltales Games' award-winning and fan-favourite game will see another round of decisions and cause-and-effect gaming in the zombie-infested world based on the comic by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore.

This was confirmed at the San Diego Comic Con panel, as confirmed by Telltale Games' Kevin Bruner. Game Informer also quotes a tweet from the official Telltale Games Twitter.

However, this is as far as any confirmations and details go, as the developers are keeping mum about any other gameplay details and release date timeframes.

But as far as the current season goes, "The Walking Dead" season 2 chapter 4 has just been released, titled Amid the Ruins. Den of Geek has featured a review on the latest chapter, which is tagged to be one of the most tense episodes for the season.

There is still one more episode left to go before Season 2 ends, and considering the plan for Season 3 already in place, it would be interesting to see where and which direction Telltale Games is looking to push "The Walking Dead" as it progresses.

One big question would be whether or not Clementine will still play a big role for the third season or if another character will be taking her place as the playable character.

Progress for 'The Walking Dead' for iOS and Android

Ever since "The Walking Dead" also became available for iOS and Android devices, many have been wondering if the progressing story line will be reflected in the mobile versions of the game-even more so now that a third season has already been confirmed by the developers.

There is a big possibility of this happening, as PC Mag spots the rollout of the newest episode for "The Walking Dead" season 2 for iOS, with the Android version expected to roll out sometime soon.

Much like the console version, "The Walking Dead" on the iOS and Android will feature a comic-book like feel, smooth animations and consequences that come with every decision you make.

The iOS version is up to date with the console version, as Season 2 Episode 4, Amid the Ruins, is already out for $4.99. However, those who want to get "The Walking Dead" season 2 alongside all five expected episodes, the season pass is still available for $14.99.

"The Walking Dead" season 2 (via YouTube/Telltale Games)

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