‘The Walking Dead’ Season 2, Episode 2 Release Date for PC and PS3

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The second instalment of "The Walking Dead" season 2 is set to release next week. Telltale Games have set a release date for PC, PS3 and Mac versions of this game.

"The Walking Dead" season 2, episode 2 titled "A House Divided" will be released on March 4 through PSN in North America. Episode 2 can be purchased for $4.99. Fans can also purchase the episode as a part of the Season Pass that gives access to all the five episodes of "TWD" season 2. The Season Pass will be made available for $24.99.

The game will be released on March 4 for PC and Mac users. They can purchase the game through the Telltale Games store - Steam and various other retailers on the digital platform. However, PC and Mac users cannot buy the episodes individually.

"Dates for Microsoft Xbox 360, PlayStation Network in Europe, and the iOS App Store will be confirmed shortly," said Telltale.

"Please standby and stay tuned to @telltalegames on Twitter for further release date details as they become available."

The episodes of the game arrive within the same week on all the platforms. According to Cinemablend.com, the episode will be available on March 5 or later for iOS, European PS3 and Xbox 360.

Meanwhile, PS Vita users are still waiting for the first instalment of the season. Telltale is set to release the first two episodes for season 2 towards the end of March 2014. PS Vita owners can by individual episodes of the season.

"The Walking Dead" season 2 follows the story of Clementine. In episode 1, she found a new group of survivors.

Trailer of "The Walking Dead" season 2, episode 2 showcases Carver and his presence in forcing the group to move out from their house. Now, the group is out in the wilderness in search for a new place to live. 

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