‘The Walking Dead’ Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene in Season 5: They can Be More Than Brother-Sister Plus Beth’s Return

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Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) might have developed more than brotherly feelings for Beth Greene (Emily Kinney). Yes, it is a big possibility about any romance between them. "The Walking Dead" season 5 may feature Daryl and Beth more than just brother and sister. 

In "The Walking Dead" season 4, Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) and Maggie Greene (Lauran Cohan) reunited and fans expected that in the finale Daryl and Beth would reunite too. However, they did not. Last month, comic book writer and executive producer Robert Kirkman talked about the Daryl-Beth romantic angle to TheWalkingDead.com. "I definitely wouldn't read things to be too romantic. I think that Daryl, for all his sex appeal, is incredibly introverted and I don't think that he really looks at things in that light."

Now, Robert Kirkman is not denying the possibility of Daryl and Beth as brother and sister in "The Walking Dead" season 5. Certainly, "Beryl" fans would be disappointed.

Recently, when TVLINE asked Robert Kirkman if Daryl is developing more than brotherly feelings for Beth, this is what he had to say.

"It's possible. Daryl is very protective and he's formed very strong bonds with a lot of characters, Carol included. And now Beth. Whether or not that The Walking Dead Season 5 Rick would eventually grow into a romantic relationship we're keeping ambiguous, much like the relationship between Daryl and Carol was fairly ambiguous. If Beth ever comes back, hopefully, we'll find a definitive answer to that," said Robert.

"The Walking Dead" Season 5: Beth's Return

Fans have been quite worried about her whereabouts and safety after she was kidnapped by someone in a black car with a white cross. Daryl ran after the car and tried to stop it, but failed.

Good news is she will be coming back, however it has to be seen that in which episode she makes a comeback.

Ausiello of TVLINE confirmed her return in "The Walking Dead" season 5.

"She'll be back, don't you worry."

Now, that sounds assuring.

"The Walking Dead" season 5, episode 1 airs October, 2014 on AMC.  

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