‘The Walking Dead’ Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene Relationship: Emily Kinney on the Crossbow Dude, Moonshine and ‘Expired Love’

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Emily Kinney is renowned for playing Beth Greene on "The Walking Dead." However, she can also effortlessly sing just like she slays walkers on the show. "Expired Love," her second EP, features nine sugar-coated songs about lost loves, envy, and boyfriends. After the demolition of the prison, courtesy the Governor, she was on the road with Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus). She got a chance to show what she was truly made of, and she proved that in the Daryl-Beth centred episode.

Daily Beast talked to Emily Kinney about the character Beth.

"She's really just a teenage girl," says Emily.

After being with Daryl, she knows how to show her rebellious side. She goes and finds a drink for herself.

"In some ways, the drink was a teenage, rebellious 'live your life to the fullest' kind of thing, but also I really feel like it was a way to help her through loss. There's something about wanting to experience life, instead of just wandering around with this old dude."

Leftover peach schnapps was Beth's first drink. Daryl smashed it into pieces and gave her moonshine.

Emily recalls that her first drink was with Scott Wilson who played Beth's father, Hershel. The actress also feels that Beth is an artist like her.

"Eulyn [Womble, The Walking Dead's costume designer] and I talk about what colors Beth wears, or even little things like her necklaces and earrings. That's why even in these horrible circumstances, you still see a random little braid in her hair, or if you look closely, you'll see that her earrings aren't matching. That's one way I really did have some input and was able to create someone, even though she didn't get to talk a lot in the second and third seasons," says Emily.

She is also not sure about the life span of her character on the show which is notorious for killing off the beloved characters like Hershel Greene, Lizzie and Mika in "The Walking Dead" season 4, episode 14. Beth was kidnapped by unidentified abductors and Daryl could not save her. He desperately wants to reunite with her. 

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