WA Treasurer Troy Buswell in Hot Water Again Over Lewd Behavior Towards Perth Businessman

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Western Australia Treasurer Troy Buswell is again in hot water due to his alleged lewd behaviour towards Perth businessman Nicholas Kailis. The joke-gone-wrong on Mr Kailis, managing director of Kailis Brother, actually happened at a private function a year ago.

However, it is not the first time that Mr Buswell has been criticised for his improper behaviour, although earlier incidents involved females, such as his sniffing the chair of a female colleague and snapping another woman's bra strap.

Due to these incidents, Mr Buswell promised his friend, WA Premier Colin Barnett, that he would behave. His latest misdemeanor caused Mr Buswell, who was then housing and transport minister when the previous incidents happened, his relationship with his girlfriend, Fremantle independent MP Adele Carles.

Until the media reports came out over the weekend, the incident with Mr Kailis was a closely guarded secret. Mr Buswell dry-humped Mr Kailis and even allegedly moaned in mock sexual pleasure. The treasurer refused to get off the businessman, who eventually retaliated, causing Mr Buswell's glasses to become bent from the ensuing tussle.

Ms Carles allegedly pulled her boyfriend then from the scuffle. She initially refused to comment on the incident but admitted to Perth Now what happened was a major consideration when she decided to break her two-year relationship in March 2012 with Mr Buswell.

"The incident shocked me. I lost respect for Troy and I ended our relationship soon afterwards," Perth Now quoted Ms Carles.

Present at the incident, which was a lunch hosted by property businessman Russell Gibbs, were several Perth businessmen such as property developer Nigel Satterley and mining tycoon Chris Ellison.

While Mr Buswell confirmed attending the lunch he denied the incident, but Ms Carles recounted that her former boyfriend was drunk then when she saw him on top of Mr Kailis at Mr Satterley's lounge room, and the two were wrestling, with the businessman ordering the treasurer to get off him, which led Mr Kailis to hit Mr Buswell on the side of the face and damaged the latter's eyeglasses.

She eventually warned Mr Buswell while they left the lunch that she would not cover up what happened if it gets leaked to the press. The following day, she told Mr Buswell to apologise to Mr Kailis and he started to make calls.

Mr Kailis said he did not have time to discuss the alleged incident when The Sunday Times called him on Friday since he was at a staff party, but when given details of the eyewitness account said he did not care what the media reported on the story.

His chair-sniffing incident caused Mr Buswell his leadership of the Liberal Party in WA in 2008 and his affair with Ms Carles, when it was revealed, caused him to resign in 2010. However, in December 2010, the premier reinstated Mr Buswell and even gave back his old job as treasurer.

Here is a video clip on the report on the chair-sniffing incident, which included a tearful apology from Mr Buswell. 

While Mr Barnett reportedly told Mr Buswell it was his last chance, the premier admitted he was disappointed with the report but will not fire the erring treasurer.

"I have Troy as a friend and I have the greatest regard for his capacity as a minister . . . And Troy, as you know, he is described as a larrikin, he lives life on the edge a little but he is also a caring and compassionate person," ABC quoted the premier.

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