The Voice Supports Breastfeeding Mothers

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After his performance, The Voice contestant Dallas James went backstage to greet his partner Ingrid and son Tashi.

The Voice camera caught a glimpse of Ingrid comfortably breastfeeding their son on the couch, in the Green Room, unmindful of the public.

For this, The Voice sparked online commentaries that the show is trying to ignite the debate on breastfeeding in public.

But for Herald Sun commentator Wendy Tuohy, the short clip which caught Ingrid breastfeeding their son was a far cry from what Queensland mother Liana Webster experienced back in 2013.

Webster was shamed when asked to cover up or get out of a public pool's vicinity while breastfeeding. Seven host David Koch commented that mothers should be discreet and be "a bit classy" when breastfeeding in public.

As for The Voice's clip of Ingrid breastfeeding, Tuohy had this to say:

 "Nine made no apologies for showing breastfeeding for what it is; a perfectly natural, inoffensive act that should be accepted anywhere any time. And the lack of fuss about the images last night certainly implies we have finally moved on from the days when the sight of a woman on TV feeding caused the kind of storm that enveloped mother of four, Kate Langbroek in 2007."

"It was Ingrid's decision to do that in the moment and I support her, and I support all women who want to breast feed in public. It's their choice," James told when asked about The Voice's catching Ingrid while breastfeeding.

On November 13, 2009, the Australian Health Ministers endorsed the Australian National Breastfeeding Strategy 2010-2015.

The strategy aims to improve the health, nutrition and wellbeing of infants and young children, and the health and wellbeing of mothers, by protecting, promoting, supporting and monitoring breastfeeding.

In order to make this possible, the strategy targets to provide the following:

  • Breastfeeding Friendly Environments
  • Support in Hospitals
  • Education and Training for Health Professionals
  • Support out of hospital
  • Public Education and Awareness
  • Support for Priority Groups
  • Revisiting the WHO International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes (WHO Code)
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