‘The Voice’ Season 6 (2014) Week 1 Live Shows Performance Episode Spoilers, Recap: Top 12 Perform to Win Viewers' Votes

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"The Voice" Season 6 (2014) has reached its final stage, Live Shows. On Monday night, April 21, 2014 the show featured its first round of Live Show performances delivered by the Top 12 contestants of NBC's Emmy award winning reality show. "The Voice" Season 6 (2014)  is now up to the viewers' votes. The four coaches- Shakira, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Usher can only hope for the best. Artists will perform to win America's votes. Here is a full recap of what happened on "The Voice" Season 6 (2014) Week 1 Live Shows Performance Episode. [Warning: Spoilers Alert!]

This article contains spoilers from "The Voice" Season 6 (2014) Week 1 Live Shows Performance Episode. Read only if you want to learn more about it.

'The Voice' Season 6 (2014) Live Shows

Last week on the Emmy award-winning reality talent show, viewers witnessed The Playoffs round. The round which involved viewers' votes until previous season was judged by the coaches this season due to a format change. During The Playoffs, the Top 20 were judged by Shakira, Usher, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine who chose top 12 contestants. These top 12 are supposed to perform in "The Voice" Season 6 (2014) Live Shows beginning April 21.  

Each team has now been reduced to the final three contestants. During the Live Shows, the top 12 will perform to win the votes of the viewers. On Mondays, contestants will perform live. These performances will be judged by the viewers who will vote to save their favorite contestants. Based on these votes, contestants will be eliminated on Tuesdays, the episode that will feature results and elimination.

Some of the special features of this round are "Instant Save" and "iTunes Bonus." With the help of "Instant Save," viewers are able to save one of the bottom three contestants by casting a vote using their Twitter accounts. Meanwhile, iTunes Bonus is privilege that contestants get if their cover figures in Top 10 in iTunes "Top 200 Singles Chart" get.

'The Voice' Season 6 (2014) Week 1 Live Shows Performance Episode: Recap (Spoilers)

On Monday night, April 21, 2014 "The Voice" Season 6 (2014) kicked off its final and the most exciting stage of the competition. The show has narrowed down to top 12 from top 48. These top 12 contestants are: Christina Grimmie, Delvin Choice and Kat Perkins from Team Adam, Dani Moz, Kristen Merlin and Tess Boyer from Team Shakira, Bria Kelly, Josh Kaufman and T.J. Wilkins from Team Usher and Audra McLaughlin, Jake Worthington and Sisaundra Lewis from Team Blake.

These contestants gave their first live performances in "The Voice" Season 6 (2014) Week 1 Live Shows.

Monday night's show was kicked off with a performance by Bria Kelly from Team Usher. The teen sensation performed Adele's "Rolling in the Deep."

She was followed by a contestant from Team Adam. Delvin Choice performed the classic hit "Unchained Melody" by Righteous Brothers.

Next was Dani Moz from Team Shakira. Dani Performed "Just Give Me a Reason" by Pink.

Audra McLaughlin from Team Blake took the stage next. She sang "Angel of the Morning" by Juice Newton.

Audra was followed by T.J. Wilkins from Team Usher. Wilkins performed "Waiting on the World to Change" by John Mayer as his first Live Shows performance on "The Voice" Season 6 (2014).

Next was Christina Grimmie from Team Adam. She performed "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry.

Christina Grimmie was followed by another sensational artist of "The Voice" Season 6, Sisaundra Lewis from Team Blake. She performed "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me" by Elton John.

Next was Kristen Merlin from Team Shakira. Merlin perfomed "Stay" by Sugarland.

Kat Perkins from Team Adam was next to take over the stage. He performed rock song called "Magic Man" by Heart.

Next performance was by Jake Worthington from Team Blake. Jake performed "Anymore" by Travis Trent.

Jake Worthington was followed by Tess Boyer from Team Shakira. Boyer sang "I'll be There for You" by Bon Jovi.

Last to perform on the first Live Show was Josh Kaufman, who sang "Stay With Me."

"The Voice" Season 6 (2014) Week 1 Live Shows performance episode will be followed by a results episode on April 22, 2014. Viewers can now cast their votes to save their favorite artists. Eliminations will take place on Tuesday night, when the top 10 contestants of "The Voice" Season 6 (2014) will be announced.  

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