'The Voice' Season 6 (2014) Blind Auditions Week 3 Episode 5 Spoilers, Recap: More Artists Perform in the Final Week of Blind Auditions

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"The Voice" Season 6 (2014) has entered its final week of blind auditions on Monday, March 10, 2014. For last time, the four coaches- Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Usher and Shakira- will judge the talent of contestants auditioning to gain entry in the show and take them on their team to battle against each other for the most coveted trophy and contract.  Next up is one of the most exciting stages of the show, the battle rounds. But before that, contestants must go through this round and judges must fill in their team. Here is a detailed recap of what happened in "The Voice" Season 6 (2014) Blind Auditions Week 3 of Blind Auditions Episode 5. [Warning: Spoilers Alert]

This article contains major spoilers from "The Voice" Season 6 (2014) Blind Auditions Week 3 Episode 5. Read only if you want to know more about the episode.

'The Voice' Season 6 (2014) Blind Auditions Week 3 Episode 5 [Spoilers, Recap]

On March 3 episode, as many as 12 contestants auditioned in the first round of the "The Voice" Season 6 (2014). Out of 12, eight contestants were selected by Blake Shelton, Usher and Shakira as their team members. And Adam Levine decided to hold back and picked none to be in his team. The judges continue to search and they just have this one week to make their selection and fill their teams. Will they be able to find the talent that they are looking for?

Episode 5 Week 3 of Blind Auditions [Recap]

First up was 33-year-old Kat Perkins, a nanny from Minnesota. She has been a part of a band called Scarlet Haze and got the opportunity to open a show for Bon Jovi. On 'The Voice' Season 6 (2014) Blind Auditions Week 3 Episode 6 she sang a rendition of "Gold Dust Woman" and managed to get Adam, Shakira and Usher to turn around for her.

Next was 27-year-old Gabi Ramirez from California. He sang Ed Sheeran's "The A Team" but failed to get anyone turn around.

Following him was 24-year-old Paula Deanda from Texas who took over the stage. She has been quite a performer since she was 16 when her first song got played on Radio. She has opened a show for Rihanna and has recorded two albums. Tonight she sang Ariana Grande's "The Way" and managed to turn Shakira and Blake.

Next was Jake Barker from Florida. He has been a sportsperson and has stage fright keeping him at distance from music. Herein Week 3 of Blind Auditions, Jake Barker sang Bruno Mars' "When I Was Your Man," and impressed three out of four judges. He got Adam, Shakira and Usher to turn around.

Next up was Luke Cooper who joined a local band at the age of 19. He sang Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive" and failed to impress any of the judges.

He was followed by Ria Eaton who was a professional dancer but wanted to pursue singing. She sang "Cups" by Anna Kendrick and impressed Shakira and Blake who pressed the buzzer and turned around for her.

Next was Cierra Mickens from Alaska. She started singing at church. She decided to pursue singing over law. She sang "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley and made Shakira, Usher and Blake turn around.

She was followed by Tyler Montgomery who has been practicing and playing music since he was very young. Tyler sang "I Wish" by Stevie Wonder and failed to make any of the judges turn around.

Alaska and Madi, a duo from Oklahoma then took the stage and sang "Barton Hollow" and made Adam and Blake turn around.

They were followed by Ddendyl who sang "Stand By Me" by Ben E. King and impressed Shakira who pressed the buzzer for her.

In the end, 38-year-old Josh Kaufman took over the stage and sang "One More Try" by George Michael. He gave a four-chair turn performance, wherein all four judges pressed the buzzer and turned for him.

'The Voice' Season 6 (2014) Episode 5 Week 3 of Blind Auditions: Results [Spoilers, Recap]

In total, 12 artists were selected to be on either of the teams- Team Adam, Team Blake, Team Usher and Team Shakira. The results for 'The Voice' Season 6 (2014) Episode 5 Week 3 of Blind Auditions are as follows:

Team Adam- Kat Perkins, Josh Murley, Austin Ellis and Josh Kaufman

Team Blake- Paula DeAnda, Josh Cooper, Ria Eaton and Alaska & Madi

Team Usher- Jake Barker and Tess Boyer

Team Shakira- Cierra Mickens and Ddendyl

At the end of 'The Voice' Season 6 (2014) Blind Auditions Week 3 Episode 5, all four teams have 12 artists in their team. "The Voice" Season 6 (2014) will return on Tuesday, March 11, 2014, so stay tuned to NBC.  

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