The Voice Ratings: Great Start, Bad Progress?

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The Voice failed to get more than two million viewers Monday night on Australian television, although it still managed to top the ratings game.

The singing show got 1.937 million viewership, while Seven News was not far behind with 1.421 million. It was the first time for The Voice to fall below the two million mark since it started five weeks ago.

Is the thrill gone in The Voice Australia?

Were the initial ratings great only because of the blind auditions? The audience curiosity has been satisfied after that, and then it becomes just another singing competition. If this is the case, producers should be quick to think of ways to call the show's viewers back.

Drama and Flak

What can the coaches do? Is Delta Goodrem contributing to the show's drop in ratings? She is the only coach in The Voice who has drawn so much criticism for what she says and does on the show. She maintains, however, that she is in the show to do her job well.

How about kicking out Carmen Smith after her appearance in Guy Sebastian's video? That certainly did not make a good impression on the viewers.

The Voice took in so much unnecessary drama and flak way too soon. Now it is standing on wobbly feet, without certainty that it would see another season on Australian television.

Meanwhile, the eliminations on Sunday saw popular contestant Ben Bennett leave the competition. Goodrem said their performances failed to "blow off the roof," much like how The Voice ratings are doing.

The Voice UK Got it Worse Meanwhile, in Britain, only six million viewers tuned in to The Voice Saturday night. The figure is short by two million in order to keep the show's finances in good standing.

Considering this BBC One show cost £22 million to produce, The Voice could get the axe too soon if its ratings fail to improve.

If the producers could remedy the situation, they better start acting now.

Viewers would remember Saturday's show for the incident in which judge Jessie J complained her earpiece was not working in the middle of a performance. A show that wants to keep it big should not have something like that happen live on stage.

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