‘The Voice Kids Australia’ First Episode Recap

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“The Voice Kids Australia” made its debut on Sunday, and it was truly a talent fest. Kids across the nation have impressed coaches Mel B, Delta Goodrem and the double coach team of Joel and Benji Madden.

First up is 12-year-old Bella, who easily impressed all coaches with her rendition of “And I’m Telling You.”

Mel B and Delta delivered an impassioned speech to lure Bella to their team, but it was Joel’s praises for the youngster, as well as his twin’s “speechless” plea, that has drawn the young singer in.

Chris, 13, was the second on stage and the second to join the Madden twins’ team. After his “The A Team” performance, originally by Ed Sheeran, the teenager decided to side with the boys, who gave him pointers on dealing with being a young male singer.

Abigail from Sydney showed that she’s not only a singer, but also a superb hip-hop dancer. The nine-year-old already amazed the coaches with her version of Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind,” but she still managed to stun them with her dance moves after.

“You’re the coolest person in the world right now,” Joel told her, while Benji showed off his own moves.

It was Mel B, though, who was delighted when Abigail chose her to be her mentor.

Molly, also nine, managed to turn Benji and Joel’s and Mel B’s seats with “Not Pretty Enough,” but it was Delta whom she really wanted to impress.

“The one chair I would like to turn around is Delta Goodrem’s because she’s a really nice person and she likes singing as much as I do,” she said.

Upon learning that, Delta quickly ran to the stage to hug Molly, perhaps feeling a little guilty for not turning her chair. In the end, Molly decided to go with Mel.

Twins Katie and Emillie, 11, weren’t able to turn any seats when they sang “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons. They thought they could fool the judges into thinking they were just one singer, but Joel and Benji, being twins themselves, knew early on that there were two persons on stage.

“I think you’ve got a future as singers if you want to be,” Joel told them, allowing them to sit on their double chairs.

10-year-old Jasmine’s “It’s Oh So Quiet” performance, originally sung by Bjork, had everyone listening to her. She then told the coaches that she was there at the audition with her father because her mum is in San Francisco to look after her sister, who is suffering from Leigh’s disease.

She chose to go with Delta.

Maddison, 13, who sang her version of Etta James’ “At Last,” really impressed the coaches with her powerful voice, but it was Mel who was lucky enough to catch her.

Robbie, also 13, from Scotland provided the comic relief in the show. His performance of “Hey Soul Sister” prompted both Delta and Mel to turn their chairs and fight for him.

He proved to be a confident young lad who can make the judges and the audience laugh. Mel was clearly very interested in having him join her team, even tempting him with her “good hugs.”

“I just got a hug from Scary Spice!” Robbie exclaimed, before boldly proclaiming, “I’m going to pick now because there’s going to be a catfight soon.”

He chose Delta, which prompted Mel to jokingly exclaim, “Whatever! I want my hug back!”

The show ended with all judges scoring the first members of their teams. Joel and Benji have Bella and Chris, Delta has Jasmine and Robbie, and Mel be has Maddison, Molly and Abigail.

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