‘The Voice Australia’ Winner Anja Nissen Explains Why She Scrapped Delta Goodrem’s Song

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“The Voice Australia” winner Anja Nissen was supposed to release her first single titled “My Girls,” which was co-written by Delta Goodrem. However, the song was scrapped at the last minute to be replaced by a new song she recorded with will.i.am.

The sudden change of plans has confused viewers, who were expecting Anja’s album to hit shelves on August 1. There was no official explanation given, which just prompted speculations that there’s trouble with former “The Voice Australia” coach Delta and the producers.

Also, according to reports, Delta’s song was ditched in favour of the Black Eyed Peas star, who can help Anja achieve international stardom. Apparently, while Delta is an Australian treasure, she’s basically unheard of in the international music scene. Will.i.am, on the other hand, is an international superstar.

“If they want to launch Anja Nissen internationally you would give priority to a song by will.i.am over one by Delta Goodrem,” Noise 11 co-founder Paul Cashmerewas quoted by news.com.au as saying.

“The fact is will.i.am has certainly had more success getting songs on the radio in the last few years. But while no one has heard either song yet you’ve got to question when a Delta Goodrem or a will.i.am write a song and don’t use it themselves.”

Former “The X Factor Australia” judge Mark Holden said Anja’s album delay might be detrimental to her career.

“In reality TV you get one moment to make an impact and unfortunately she may have missed hers,” he said.

“Delta is a briliiant songwriter so I find it hard to believe the song wasn’t any good,” he mused about reports that Delta’s song was abandoned because it was not good.

“Even if will.i.am’s new song is fantastic, I think putting of the release of the single for even a week will be an enormous mistake.”

Anja admitted that her coach will.i.am didn’t think that “My Girls” was the right song for her.

“’My Girls’ is an awesome song, a great song,” the former “Australia’s Got Talent” contestant said. “It just came down to whether or not it’s my style or not. Will just wasn’t sure.”

She further explained, “We didn’t have enough time. Will wanted to be part of the decision making process when it came to choosing the single. Will wasn’t sure if ‘My Girls’ was the right style for me. He wanted to have a few more days to think about that and start working on ideas, looking at where to go next.”

Anja’s self-titled album, which comprised of covers of various artists, will be released on Friday.

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