‘The Voice Australia’ Season 3 Betting Odds: Johnny Rollins Enters Grand Finals as Favourite to Win 2014 Title

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The traditional four-contestant line-up for “The Voice Australia” Season 3 Grand Finals has been ditched thanks to the fresh twist that has allowed fans to vote for a singer to be included in Monday’s grand finale.

The battle for the 2014 title is now down to five after the previous live episode when eight competitors were still crooning for the crown. Still alive and kicking and singing are Anja Nissen and ZK of Team Will; Jackson Thomas of Team Ricky; Frank Lakoudis of Team Joel; and Johnny Rollins of Team Kylie.

Among the quintet, it is Rollins who is highly-favoured in the “The Voice Australia” betting lines and he is pegged as a 1.60 favourite entering the final round of singing in the third season of the premiere reality show-slash-singing contest in Australia.

Rollins will have his chance to prove his worth, the hype and that the bookies are correct in the fifth live episode and 22nd overall episode for season 3 of “The Voice Australia” on Monday, July 21 starting at 7:30 PM (AEST) over Nine Network in Australia.

Odds to Win The Voice Australia Season 3 Johnny Rollins (1.60) Anja Nissen (5.00) Jackson Thomas (7.00) Frank Lakoudis (9.00) ZK (11.00)

For the uninitiated in sports/entertainment betting, the simple formula is as follows; X (Amount of Bet) times Betting Odds is equal to payout.

This means that for every $100 bet on Rollins (1.60) will net a total payout of $160 (or winnings of $60) while the same $100 bet on ZK will earn a total payout of $1100 (or $1,000 winnings!). As such, the lower the betting odds signify a lower payout and this denotes being the more-favoured contestant in the last round of competition.

As will be expected, the other four contenders won’t just hand the title to Rollins, who further imprinted the “favourite” tag with last week’s Percy Sledge's “When a Man Loves a Woman” rendition; they have the season finale to prove they belong to the top and will also be riding on the momentum they established in last episode’s strong performances—Thomas with “When the war is Over” (originally by Cold Chisel); Lakoudis’ “Sweet Child of Mine” (Guns and Roses); Nissen’s “I Have Nothing” (Whitney Houston); and ZK’s “Don’t Stop Believing” (Journey).

Important to note that Frank and Anja were pegged to get the boot in the third live show on July 7; however, thanks to the fans votes and even better performances, they remain among the contenders.

(Video Courtesy: YouTube/The Voice Australia)

(Video Courtesy: YouTube/The Voice Australia)

Can Rollins roll to the title and impress the fans and judges once again?

(Video Courtesy: YouTube/The Voice Australia)

Or will one of Anja, Jackson, Frank or ZK pull off the upset in the “The Voice Australia” Season 3 Grand Finals?

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