The Voice Australia Elimination (July 7) Betting Odds: Time to Say Goodbye to Frank, Elly, Anja and Robbie

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It’s down to three singers for each of the teams—or a dozen total left in contention for the Season 3 title—in The Voice Australia 2014. Two from each team—one saved by the judge/coach and another by fans’ vote—will survive after the elimination live show on Monday, July 7.

Who are the favourites to make it to the next round? Which singers are pegged to impress the judges and their respective coaches? Who will get the dreaded axe this week?

Judges-slash-coaches Joel Madden, Ricky Martin, Kylie Minogue and and The Voice Australia fans are all expected to have the tough time as always as the decision will be put in their hands on who makes the final round and who will be sent home this week.

The betting odds via could very well be a good sign on who stays and who goes after Monday night.

For the uninitiated on sports/entertainment betting, the simple formula is as follows:

X (Amount of Bet) times Betting Odds = Payout

For this week’s elimination, the higher the number (odds) across the contestant’s name means the lower his chance of being eliminated and vice versa.

The Voice Australia Betting Odds – Who Will Be Eliminated?

Team Joel Frank Lakoudis (1.60) Holly Tapp (3.00) Isacc McGorvern (5.00)

Team Ricky Elly Oh (1.50) Jackson Thomas (3.50) Sabrina Batshon (5.00)

Team Will Anja Nissen (1.35) ZK (4.25) Gabriel and Cecila (5.50)

Team Kylie Robbie Balmer (1.75) Kat Jade (2.35) Johnny Rollins (6.00)

For example, if a bettor wagers $100 that Team Joel’s Frank (1.60) will be eliminated (and Frank indeed gets the boot) that bettor will net a total payout of $160 (or $60 winnings); if another $100 is wagered on Isacc (5.00) that bettor will win gain a total payout of $500 (or $400 winnings!) if favourite McGrovern leaves the show on Monday!

Hosted by Darren McMullen and aired over Nine Network on local TV, The Voice Australia is entering the stretch run of Season 3. Will Frank, Elly, Anja and Robbie avoid elimination and outperform the bookies' expectations? Or will one of the “favourites” falter to pave way for the underdogs to extend their stay in the show?

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