‘The Voice Australia’ Eliminated Contestant Louise Van Veenendaal: ‘Ratings Are Going Down’

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“The Voice Australia” eliminated contestant Louise van Veenendaal quips the show’s ratings will suffer now that she’s out.

Louise was eliminated on Monday’s second round of Showdown after her rendition of the Dee Band song “I’ve Got the Music in Me” failed to impress her mentor will.i.am.

“They’re going to miss me, ratings are going to go down,” she was quoted by the Sunshine Coast Daily as saying.

The 27-year-old appeared to be just joking, though.

“Boy that was fun. Didn’t I cause a stir?”

Yes, she did. Even though she was just in the show for a few weeks, she was among the favourite subjects on social media.

Her performance a few weeks ago during the battle rounds against Jayde Grey has gotten people talking – and laughing.

Coach Kylie Minogue had to stop for a while in giving her assessment of their duet of Kelly Clarkson’s “Since You’ve Been Gone” because she couldn’t contain her laughter.

Joel Madden and Ricky Martin both agreed that Louise had been a bit intense and scary in her performance.

Nevertheless, will.i.am still chose her over Jayde to proceed in the next round.

After the episode aired, Louise received nasty messages and death threats from cyberbullies.

“I was worried about what was going on,” she continued. “But people were messaging me saying I completely turned them around and they now love me.

“Even though I’ve done lots of performing I’ve never been exposed in the media. It was great to see people embrace me and have fun with it and see me for who I am and if they don’t like me, fine.”

Louise is back on the Sunshine Coast. She hasn’t a definite plan yet on what her next move will be, but she said she’s considering starting her own touring show.

“I’m waiting to see what door opens for me and what opportunities come up,” she said. “People all over the world are calling me.”

Meanwhile, contestant Nicole Martini felt she was exploited on the show.

Nicole wasn’t able to get through the blind auditions in May, but even during her very short time on air, she felt that the show encouraged people to bully her.

She was featured on the Facebook page of the show, wherein her photo was captioned with the question “bomb or bombshell?” referencing her quote in the pre-performance interview.

“The way they phrased it opened it up for people to criticise my body,” she told Sydney Morning Herald, adding that her short time in the show became an embarrassment.

“There were hundreds of comments bashing me for my weight. I tried to be strong, but my mum and my fiancé were distraught.”

She continued, “I wanted to warn people about cyber-bullying, but now I want to warn people about reality shows. I’ve been exploited by the show.”

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