Vodafone CEO Talks on Being the Highest Performing Telco in Australia

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Despite the network problems in the past, recently appointed Vodafone Australia Chief Executive Officer Inaki Berroeta remains positive that it is now Australia's highest performing telephone company.

In his first public presence since assuming the post, Mr. Berroeta stated that Vodafone Australia is very robust, very versatile, and flexible. Although he has to lay down his targets yet for 2014, Mr. Berroeta believes that the company is almost at the net positive side of the business given the company's solid foundation.

Mr. Berroeta also highlighted on his priority for Vodafone Australia to provide better value ad more services to its customers. As a strategic imperative, he mentioned about the company's focus on data competition instead of neck to neck battle with other telephone companies on coverage.

The former Romanian Vodafone chief also implied on the probability of adding more data allowance options where customers can take advantage of the telco's enhanced network bandwidth. He also guaranteed that history will not repeat itself referring to the 2010 outage related to the extreme customer usage on data bandwidth.

In addition, Mr. Berroeta revealed the Vodafone Australia's focal initiative to areas that had been previously reported as unreliable such as  hospitals, busy shopping center, and train stations to increase the telco's coverage.

Mr. Berroeta also stated that the company has already resolved the previous reliability and capacity issues and is well on its way to recovery. He believed that the company's recently launched 4G network would aid in winning back previous customer churns.

The 4G network has been made available to the people in Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide, and Melbourne for which Vodafone Australia claims to have more than one million customers right now.

Mr. Berroeta also claimed that Vodafone Australia occupy 40 percent of the market share in Sydney. In a series of television commercials, the third biggest mobile telephone network claims coverage to 96 percent of the 2G, 3G, and 4G customers in the market.

Vodafone Australia also boosts of 700 percent data usage increase courtesy of its $5 day plan for its roaming services. As a major key advantage over the competitor brands, Vodafone claims its wide presence to 47 international locations.

Mr. Berroeta replaced Bill Morrow last January who is now the Chief Executive of NBN Co.

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