Vodafone Adds 6 Asian Countries Where Aussies Could Use Roaming Service for $5 a Day

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Australians who travel overseas could enjoy the lower-priced offer of Vodafone to use the telco's roaming service for $5 a day in six more Asian countries.

The service provider, which rolled out the Red plans in August 2013, announced the addition of China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan and Thailand to the list under its Roam Like Home service.

YouTube/Vodafone Global Enterprise

With the six additional nations, there are now 46 countries where Aussie subscribers of Vodafone could roam cheaper, including the U.S., UK, New Zealand and most of Europe.

The telco giant said it will continue to widen the coverage of its Roam Like Home in more regions and countries.

Vodafone Australia Chief Marketing Officer Kim Clarke said, quoted by TechRadar, "Customers need to be able to access everything they would normally use on their smartphones like contacts, their email and apps ... We are proud to continue to lead the change in transforming the roaming experience for Australian consumers and businesses."

The future expansion would include Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, Ms Clarke said.

Holders of Vodafone Red 12- and 24-month plans enjoy unlimited calls to standard national numbers and mobiles as well as unlimited text messages to local and international number. Those who are under the $65 monthly plan get 1.5GB data, the $80 plan receive 2.5GB and $100 get 5GB of data.

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