Vivid Sydney Opens its Fifth Year with Spectacular Lights Show in 3-D (VIDEO)


With this year's light artistry being touted as three times better than last year, the Sydney night sky experienced a magical make-over with the iconic landmark lighting it up in a rare visual feast.

Some of the eye-popping designs adorning the opera house were leopard skin, clown faces and at one point even gave the Sydney skyline a giant jungle illusion by showing off some claws.

Vivid Sydney is the biggest light, music and arts festival this part of the world. It is now on its fifth year and will run from May 24 to June 10.

This year, the festival commissioned the Spinifex Group, one of Australia's most artistic innovators, to lead the 3-D-orchestrated visual extravaganza. They were assisted in the creative execution by some of the world's imaginative personalities from the US, Germany, Italy, Greece, Malaysia, Korea, Poland, Brazil and New Zealand. These artists are responsible for one-third of the exquisite lighting installations.

For the first time in the world also, the famed Harbour Bridge of Sydney comes fully alive through an "interactive lighting installation" found in the western side of the bridge.

The public is given the chance to adorn the bridge according to their preferred design by just using the interactive touch screen controlling the light display.

According to event organizers, the main objective of the festival is to sow inspiration more than appreciation for the impressive visuals.

Aside from showcasing various lighting attractions around Sydney harbour, the festival also features exciting live performances and more than 120 arts and creative market events.

Part of Vivid Sydney's program is the Vivid LIVE at Sydney Opera House. It opened with the live performances courtesy of soul singer Bobby Womack and electronic music pioneers Kraftwerk.

The 17-day festival is a rare opportunity to experience the light, music and creative ideas of one of Australia's biggest cities.

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