Virgin Teen Forced to Get Pregnant by Jailed American Mother [PHOTOS]

How a 14-Year-Old Virgin Passed her Ordeal After Her Adoptive Mother Forced her to get Pregnant


 While girls her age are playing with their dolls at 14, a virgin teen was being forced by her jailed mother to get pregnant through artificial insemination.

Desperate to have another child, a London-based American woman had made her adopted daughter get pregnant for her wish to come true.

The teen victim, identified only as “A” in a ruling by a London court, had obliged to her mother’s request in hopes “to be loved more,” and she begun to try to “please” her mom when she was fourteen.

A ruling by London’s High Court recounted the teen’s plight that begun in 2008 and she tried to get pregnant using donor sperm since then.

“A” was getting instructions from her mom in prison to get pregnant. With access to the internet prison, the teen’s mom was able to order donor sperm online and had them sent to their house. The American prisoner admonished her oldest adopted daughter to inseminate herself with sperm kept in syringes purchased from and delivered by a Denmark sperm provider company, Cryos International.

The ruling by the London judge noted that “A” had six attempts to get pregnant and after a slew of miscarriages in the span of three years, the virgin teen gave birth to a baby boy in July 2011.

She was already 17 by then. Her mother wanted a girl. The American woman had three adopted daughters and she decided that her eldest could give her fourth when the system refused to grant her application for another.

Shocked and confused, “A” was too helpless and under the influence of her known mother that she felt compelled to get pregnant and care for a child.

"If I do this ... maybe she will love me more," the teen victim was quoted as saying by the judge in a ruling released Monday.

She added: "My mum is a very determined person and she does her best not to let anything get in her way if she wants it."

Like any mother who goes through the process of giving birth to a child, "A" wanted to feed her newly born baby through breast feeding.

The American adoptive mom, however, reportedly stopped “A” from feeding her own baby, saying "We don't want any of that attachment thing." This did not escape the hospital midwives attending to the new teen mom.

The case involving the 14-year-old virgin teen forced by her own adoptive mom to get pregnant was heard in London court last year. But the controversy hit the headlines this week with the final ruling. With the help of hospital midwives, who got suspicious of the mother's behavior back then, the case was investigated by the authorities.

"Their willingness to stand up for them (the daughter that had the baby and two other siblings) changed everything," the judge was quoted as saying in his ruling by WREG Memphis: News 3 Channel.

Media outlets are asked not to provide specific information about the case to protect the children. The American adoptive mom is still serving 5-year-sentence for child cruelty. Authorities vowed to formulate public policies that will help address similar cases and/ or prevent the same situation from happening again, altogether, as they admit that the situation cannot be undone.

"Nothing can change what has happened to the children in this truly terrible case," members of the local Safeguarding Children Board pointed out in a statement, according to Christian Post. "It is clear that public bodies must highlight the major public policy issues that arise from this case. … The lessons from this case are already being put into practice."

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