Viral YouTube Video on How to Make a Frozen Princess Cake Now Reached Over 1M Views

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A video of two young ladies happily demonstrating how to make a frozen princess cake as part of their nerdy themed goodies has become another YouTube sensation when it amassed over one million views and more than 25 thousand likes in just a matter of two days.

The owner of the video Rossana Pansino together with her sister Mo showed the step by step guide in making Anna and Elsa princess cakes in a 7.33 minute presentation.

To make the princess cakes, there are three types of cakes needed. The first is a flat round cake which is 8-inches in diameter and one inch in height. The second cake is of the same diameter but two inches high. The third cake is a dome-shaped also of the same diameter which was made by putting the dough in a bowl.

To stack the cake, put the two inch cake in a spinner cake holder and make a small hole at the middle of the cake using a small round cake cutter. Spread a frosting on top of the cake and even it out with a spoon or spatula.

Next, cut also a hole on the one inch cake and put it on top. Spread also with frosting and even out the layer. Make also a hole on the dome-shaped cake and put it n top of the stack.

After the stacks are done, spread the frosting all the way down the layers on one hand while rotating the spinner cake holder on the other hand. Spread the frosting evenly to make the cake look like a dress. Once done, place the cake in a freezer for 10 minutes to let the frosting harden.

Then undress the dolls and put the arms up so that these will not touch the cake and put them right into the hole at the middle of the cake. Then decorate the cake any décor you like such as snowflakes, flowers, sprinkles or anything that comes to mind. Presto! The Anna and Elsa princess cakes are ready!

Aside from the princess themed cakes, there are actually many other themes that cake enthusiasts can explore.

Watch the video on YouTube.


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