Viral YouTube Video: Drunken Butt-Baring NZ Man Falls Through a Bus Stop Roof

  @ibtimesau on July 19 2013 10:05 AM

A YouTube video of a drunken 26-year-old man from Stockport, New Zealand in a failed prank has gone viral in the video sharing site with more than 187,000 views so far. The 47-second video showed Sean Martin go up the roof of a bus stop, bare his bottom and then fall through the plastic roof material.

The embarrassing event actually happened in May 2012, but someone who saw the video identified Mr Martin to the Chesire Police, who arrested and charged him before the Macclesfield magistrates.

On Thursday, the butt man appeared in a court to face charges. Mr Martin admitted he had too much to drink at that time, but did not remember much what happened, save for the prank gone wrong video by his friends and posted on YouTube.

Mr Martin, an online retailer, was fined A$500 by the court and ordered to pay the cost of the repair.

He was not injured by the epic fall, but his ego was and out of embarrassment over the incident, he said he plans to migrate to Australia with his family.

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