Viral: Young Aussie Teen Takes Dare to Cover Face with Peanut Butter, New Trend? [PHOTOS]

Beau Goes Trending as TV Actress Madison Leisle Joins #CoverMyFace, #PeanutButter on Instagram


"100 Likes and I'll cover my face in peanut butter," writes user random_sharpies on Instagram. She got what she asked for, and did as dared. Twitter user Beau Brooks, 19, from Melbourne, took a similar dare. Her peanut butter-covered face photo on Twitter has now been 'favorited' and 're-tweeted' over 4,000 times in less than 24 hours.

VIRAL: Young Aussie Teen Takes Dare to Cover Face with Peanut Butter, New Trend? (Image: Twitter)

Beau goes trending - Parents, check for peanut butter stains, check your inventory

Parents, do a little inventory of your kitchen or cupboard goods, and check for peanut butter stains. This #covermyface with #peanutbutter act is trending now. It could take a lot of effort to try to make sense out of it, but at least these kids are not sucking on their own used tampon or eating their poop with ice cream.

TV actress Madison Leisle, who recently appeared on the Fox series "Touch," has also joined the daring game. She asked for 200 likes on Instagram and got even more than that (226, so far). But she says she has been busy with work lately so she has not yet had the time to cover her face with peanut butter.

#CoverMyFace, #PeanutButter on Instagram

"It's actually a pretty nice feeling," tweets BrooksBeau to caption her commemorative photo for the social media.

"OMG I look so young LOL I'll probably delete this," says random_sharpies.

BrooksBeau has over 500,000 followers on Twitter, while random_sharpies has 657 Instagram followers. Their peanut butter dare photos are tagged #darebeau, #peanutbutter, #100likes.

"Even Though Im Allergic I Would Still Lick Your Face," reads the unedited reply tweet by @JayysterLove.

"what if u were allergic to peanuts ouch no fun anymore eh buddy," tweets @niallcoholic to Brooks.


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