Viral Wedding Photo: Amy Hicks Reveals True Story behind Viral Photo that Created Trending Hashtag on Twitter #westillcoming

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Married couple Amy and Ian Hicks found out that their wedding photo has become viral and created the trending Twitter hashtag #westillcoming because of the different story told about the unique image. On Friday, July 25, the couple decided to reveal the true story behind the viral wedding photo to The Washington Post.

"I really wish they knew the real story," Amy Hicks, 25, stated in the Washington Post interview because the news publications posted a different story to their wedding photo without contacting them to get the true story behind the viral image.

According to the Detroit News report, the wedding image in front of Michigan Central Station garnered attention from social media sites because of the fake text message conversation attached to it. The initial story on the viral wedding photo claimed the bride accidentally invited a stranger to her wedding photo shoot.  

"BBQ and wedding photos this Saturday, June 14th from 4-7. Our address is 208 Mill Street. Be there!" the text message reads. The bride reportedly took back the invitation sent after finding out that she has invited someone she does not know but the stranger responded with "We still coming." Click HERE to see photo.

Now, Amy Hicks is correcting the story. According to Amy, the bridal party decided to stop by several locations after the wedding ceremony held at the Colony Club in Detroit.   

The bridal party encountered the rap group 7262 filming a music video for their album at the Michigan Central Station. Amy and Ian Hicks posed in front of the station for a photo shoot after the group of rappers clapped and congratulated the newlyweds.

Wedding photographer Adam Sparkes revealed that the group looked over at their photo shoot so the bridal party decided to wave back and tell them that they are coming over to dance in their music video. The group of rappers gave their approval so the bridal party danced to 7262's rap song titled "Anthem" while filming.

7262 rappers Danta and Joshua Norris revealed to the Washington Post that he does not mind the wedding photo becoming viral and the attention they are all receiving from the fake story. "It's all cool that people making what they make up. It's making it blow up more," Danta, also known as Mojo in the rap group, stated.

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